This season menswear goes back to its roots with shades of green

This season earthy, warming tones are taking centre stage in men’s winter fashion. Whereas spring and summer is focused on freshness and vibrancy, winter is about comfort and that is reflected in the prominence of shades of luxurious olive and green hues.

The adoption of olive is linked to the ongoing military trend that has been an ever present in men’s fashion for the last decade. Yet this colour is one that is immensely versatile. Not a huge advance from the traditional greys, browns, navy and blacks that make up the backbone of any guys wardrobe, olive is a colour that compliments your existing clothes whilst offering subtle variation.

Easy to wear, olive is as at home providing the anchor for an outfit as it is adding a splash of colour. Sitting perfectly with traditional washes of denim, the colour also sits naturally with browns and beige’s.

So how should you wear olive? Well there are some excellent olive jackets on the market this season, which will add some variation from the sea of black and navy that most men opt for at this time of year. Choosing a jacket in this shade allows to you showcase a little diversity in your colour palette, whilst not choosing something too trend driven or loud.

But with knitwear you can’t go wrong, and a well made jumper could well be the best piece of olive clothing to invest in. Knitwear in this shade is an excellent choice for layering up as the colour won’t generally clash with anything else you combine with it.

With the party season just a matter of weeks away; an earthy olive shirt would be a great option, paired with navy or brown trousers and a simple neutral coloured jacket as a stylish and sophisticated alternative.

The highstreet is currently awash with a multitude of shades of olive to satisfy any price range, and we’ve picked our five favourite pieces to get you started:

  1. Tesco F&F Waffle Jumper
  2. Reiss Crew Sweatshirt
  3. ASOS Bomber Jacket
  4. Wolsey Olive Oxford Shirt
  5. French Connection Olive Pea Coat