NEED: M&S, the unlikely stop for your new season scent

British perfumer Lyn Harris, founder of fragrance house Miller Harris, has teamed up with Marks and Spencer to create a range of luxury men’s and women’s fragrances using the finest natural ingredients. Yet whereas a fragrance from Miller Harris would cost close to £100, you can own one of the distinctive scents for a mere £25.

So for those fragrance connoisseurs out there, this is certainly a collaboration that will be of interest to you. This isn’t a celebrity collaboration that results in something painfully generic and bland. This is one of Europe’s finest perfumers producing a set of 6 stunning and distinctive scents, for a very reasonable price.

Here’s a run down of the men’s offerings:

Le Noir – This is a sophisticated, classic scent. Marked out by its woody tones, Le Noir is an intriguing cocktail of lavender, tarragon and dark berries. All of which make it the perfect after dark scent.


Le Sauvage – A very clean and warm scent, which invigorates the senses. This versatile mix of grapefruit and orange fused with cardamom and coriander, will provide you with a complete day to night signature fragrance.

Le Cologne – Filled with vibrant zesty tones, this fragrance offers the perfect modern combination. Built of bergamot, lemon and orange, mixed with thyme and rosemary and all finished with a solid base of vetiver and amber, Le Cologne is no generic scent.

Also M&S under it’s Plan A initiative, does not sell any household or beauty products that have been tested on animals, so that means that these Lyn Harris scents are totally vegan too. Bonus.

All fragrances are available now from larger M&S stores and from the website, £25 for 50ml.



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